Hey, I am Alicecropped-17125968_1476316209059445_4760217790093197312_n1.jpg and I am really not all that good at writing bio pages (it’s easier on tinder, there’s a word limit).

If you really want to get to know me your best bet is probably to follow my blog as I generally post a fair bit about the things that matter to me most. I am a 22 year old cat loving, bisexual,
feminist, coffee aficionado AKA a walking stereotype.

As a child I spent my time with my head in Harry Potter or writing stories and now I am (slightly) grown…I still spend my time with my head in a book or writing stories- why break old habits?

I started my Masters in Magazine Journalism this year and one day hope that I will be paid to sit in a coffee shop somewhere, write and people watch…but for now this is me.