Hello I’m Alice and at the time that I am writing this I am a 23 year old Manchester- based blogger and freelance journalist with a penchant for insta- famous animals and Tom Hardy.

My two great loves aside I can usually be found huddled in a corner of one of Manchester’s many coffee shops in a blanket scarf and all black outfit. Fashions may come and go but great coffee and minimalism is timeless. 25037029_790084987841530_8406278539132796928_n

I have posted on here for the last couple of years, initially because I was in denial about needing to see a therapist (they’re expensive and talk back) but then it became more than procrastination from my dissertation and I started to really love it.

Writing about all things feminism, sex, mental health, books, friendship and self love this has morphed into a visual representation of what is going on in my head 20 hours a day (girls got to sleep). 26187492_188909378521199_7647850588117401600_n

I try to post every Tuesday and Friday around the time that I am guessing everyone else settles down for their first afternoon cup of tea (3ish) so I would love it if you had a quick read.

And that is about it…I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!