How important is Wonder Woman?

I’m not a fan of crying at films in my own home, let alone the cinema. Whilst some people can be moved and shed a tear or two, I go from calm and collected to full ‘Kim Kardashian when she lost her earring in the ocean’. It’s not ideal. But this weekend I saw Wonder Woman…all I can say is if you haven’t already seen it, go now!

Obviously I loved it *shock*. Being innately curious I checked twitter before going into the cinema which resulted in me reading about five feminist takedowns of the film before it had even started. I was sceptical. If she was the goddess to end all war, why did she have to fight in something that looked like it was from agent provocateur? I soon forgot all of the criticisms though.

This wasn’t a guilty pleasure watch- a film I would put on if I was really in the mood to fight the patriarchy (which is good because I already have too many of those). This was a genuinely good film which I absolutely adored.

For the first time in as long as I can remember I sat there and escaped. It became so clear to me why boys love these movies. This was a story of action, strength and adventure- the things that little boys live and breathe through Hollywood. In an industry and society that is so good at telling white, straight, cis male stories it was a little bit overwhelming to see a women be at the centre of her own.ww.jpg

It almost became irrelevant what Gal Gadot was wearing or the fact that her sexuality was blatantly hinted at throughout. If anything the film did so well in highlighting the ways women are disempowered both in film and life. Yes, Wonder Womens outfit isn’t the most conservative but so what? In reality that absolutely has nothing to do with the movie and if people want to sit and objectify and sexualise an action movie then all the power to them.

Gadot was not sexualised or objectified throughout. Her power did not come from her worth as a sexual being. Neither was she masculinised. The film made it abundantly clear that her power came from compassion. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful, intelligent and witty but that wasn’t what made her powerful.

It is so often the case that the bigger the budget, the safer directors and producers play it. It is easy to follow the disappointing habits of films gone by because you’ve spent a lot of money and you need to bring in audiences (don’t get me started on Suicide Squad). The courage of Wonder Woman as a film, it’s director Patty Jenkins and producers, is almost bigger than the movie itself.

This is the movie I wanted as a 9 year old girl and still needed age 22.



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