Am I an adult yet?

Periodically I write one of these posts. It is generally around January, Easter or summer when I have found myself in a work/ exam/ exhaustion hole with all my time either spent in the library or watching rubbish reality TV (Love Island is back on and oh lord help me).

I feel bad that I drop the ball at these times with most things, including my blog. I am sorry. Not only for anyone out there who follows it but a little bit for myself. For someone with an overactive internal monologue and too many thoughts, having a blog is actually really therapeutic. This aside, I can say that I can no longer use exams as a reason for not posting (hopefully) as this week I finished uni!

This is super premature as I do have a final summer project. However, after four years of nine o’clock starts and back to back exams I can say that I am pretty much done. I just didn’t think it would feel like this. On my last day of lectures I headed to the pub (because any excuse) and celebrated with a glass of wine but I can’t say that I feel massively different.wines

I wrote a piece similar to this, this time last year if you want to have a nosy. I don’t know if I am the only one who expected to have some sort of epiphany moment where all of a sudden I knew what I was doing and where I was going with my life but it never came.

My mum always says to me that she feels exactly the same now as she did when she was my age and I used to laugh along and never really believe her. Isn’t it the case that you wake up one morning and realise “oh I am an adult now, I should probably stop making poor life choices”?

Leaving uni is a milestone but the only thing I have noticed is that I am generally now amongst the oldest people at the students union and getting chatted up by boys on nights out is a dangerous game when they have the potential to be nearly 5 years younger than you.mclovin

Is growing up a state of mind? Do you have to force yourself to get there or will it just never happen? If you have read any other posts you’d know that I can be slightly neurotic about planning ahead. For the last 4 years I have had the fuzzy comfort blanket of university and a student loan. Come September it’s the real world. When did the time for work experience end and the real working world begin (who am I kidding I will be doing unpaid internships for the next 10 years)?

So, while I am not completely sure I am ready for the adult world, after 17 years in education I am done.


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