Girl Gangs of the world unite

On Wednesday 8th March it was International Women’s Day and the theme was #BeBoldForChange. The sentiment ‘Empowered women empower others’ resonates so much with me and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate all of the beautiful woman in our lives as well as recognising the achievements of women across the globe.

It was a chance to recognise the courage it takes to be open and confident and stand for the social, economic and political basic human rights for all women irregardless of their race, sexuality, religion or economic background.tumblr_n3wqsyf0R71rlg5ujo1_500

However you celebrated it, if it all, it was difficult not to see anything posted about it on social media which got me thinking about all of the women in my life who inspire me…

From my favourite procrastination activity of sitting in my room pretending to be Adele (my rendition of Hello is quite something) to dancing round my bedroom aged 10 to Kelly Clarkson, music has always been a big source of empowerment for me. I would stand on my bed and scream the lyrics to Pink songs that I definitely didn’t understand because it made me feel strong. Later when I decided I was too cool for Kelly Clarkson (are you ever really too cool for Kelly Clarkson) Hayley Williams and Paramore allowed me to get out my teenage angst and seeing a girl at the front of a band that was in such a male dominated genre made me feel like I could do anything too.

Like I said, I like to procrastinate so YouTube is my thing. To be able to watch creators like Samantha Maria, Ingrid Nilsen and Jazzmyne Robbins whenever I need a bit of a pick me up is something I take so for granted but to see women be so unapologetically witty, intelligent, stylish and funny encourages me to be comfortable in my own skin. Seeing them bring it is a constant source of empowerment for me.  6f6d120a8ff802f2501c54d963333bb0

As many of you know I am studying journalism at the moment and so have a lot of writer crushes. Laura Bates, Hadley Freeman, Ruby Tandoh, Laurie Penny, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Sophia Amoruso, Mindy Kaling, Sharon Hogan, Caitlin Moran and so many more move me with their words. One day I hope to even be half as successful, sassy and bold as these women. They pave a path for future female writers so the media might be a little bit more female friendly.

And of course the area of my life that I probably draw most inspiration is my personal life. I know I am bias but I am lucky to have the best mum in the world. You can ask around, Stella is the greatest. I will never underestimate how lucky I have been to have two loving parents who have supported me through every decisions and are now more like my best friends. I also seem to have surrounded myself with intelligent, funny, audacious friends who encourage and push me to be better, not to accept the bare minimum and not to text that fuck boy back. I know Taylor thinks she’s got the best Girl Gang but she hasn’t met mine. Their achievements show me that if you nurture talent and encourage strength anything can be achieved.

So, International Women’s Day may have been and gone but a conversation is now open. Why not celebrate the amazing things women have done every day? We will all be better off when we build each other up rather than silence or tear each other down.15826687_10211536797795923_8983275817689984835_n



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