2016 Edit

So 2016 is over (and has been for about two weeks, I know I am very late to the party.) What a year it was, hey? I mean I won’t go through all of the ‘highlights’ because I don’t really want to write myself to tears. All I am saying is if Trump and Brexit turn sour I am moving to an island far far away and I will see you in 2018.

Now, it’s obviously the time of year where people make resolutions. I don’t care for them much, mainly because I don’t like things I am not very good at and I am certainly not good at keeping resolutions (I sound like a 5 year old, I am aware.) It isn’t that I make them knowing I don’t have the intention to keep them. It’s just that January is cold, depressing and there is chocolate everywhere. I know me, I won’t wake up an hour early to go for a run in the rain. I will probably stay in bed far longer than I should and eat Terrys chocolate orange for breakfast because it is there and available.mpQJX.gif

But I thought, as I was lacking inspiration for this year’s resolutions, I would look back on the ones I made last year and see if I actually achieved any.

  1. Learn to snowboard

Well this is laughable. I remember sitting in my ex-girlfriend’s house on New Year’s Day last year and reading an article in the Observer magazine. It was about spending Christmas on the slopes (it looked amazing). I then heard all about the amazing ski trip she had taken with all of her friends- being outside all day and then getting drunk all night. I was sold. It wasn’t until about three months later that I came to the realisation- I managed to sprain my ankle walking and I fall over my own feet at least eight times a day. Why did I think going down a slope at 20mph was a good idea? I believe it was the promise of cheese fondue and red wine that probably won me over! Needless to say, I didn’t learn to snowboard.

  1. Travel more

So I feel where I fell down with number one (quite literally) I more than achieved this aim. I was so lucky in 2016 to visit so many places with so many different people. From going to Amsterdam twice, London, Greece and taking the trip of a lifetime with my best friend to California it was a truly amazing year of travel. There was nothing like exploring LA with my fabulous partner in crime, staying with her awesome family and even sneaking in a trip to Las Vegas that made the summer of 2016 the best summer ever!

  1. Graduate and work out what I want to do with my life

I feel like I should note this has (AHHHH) written next to it, evidently I felt so positive. But I did graduate in 2016 next to some of the best friends I could have asked for. Saying goodbye to my girls who I had lived with for three years and the course mates that had made three years of Durkheim actually bearable, was so tough but it was such an amazing day. I also got onto a Masters course and now spend every day (most days) doing something I love, being inspired and hopefully moving towards a career in journalism. It also meant that I got to meet some of the greatest people!

  1. Come out

YES YES YES. This is definitely the resolution I wrote down thinking it was the most unlikely or unattainable (yes even more unattainable than snowboarding.) But in April I finally came out to my family. After wanting to tell them for so long, and toying with the idea for a year or two I can’t express in words how it felt to finally explain to them how I really feel. It also meant that I could be in a relationship with my then partner, which was a really great relationship, and I wouldn’t have to lie to them or hide it.

  1. Go to the gym and eat healthy

Would it even be a list of New Year’s resolutions if lose weight wasn’t on it? All I can say is I learnt very quickly that trying to lose weight and late night dissertation sessions in the library are not conducive. You have to treat yourself to get through.

So there they are five resolutions that in part made my 2016 what it was, good and bad! I have to say it wasn’t an overall disaster and despite the world seeming to have lost its shit I think I am going to go forward into 2017 trying to be kinder, more humble and work really goddam hard (because this is the year that adulting may begin and I will get a real life job).


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