Why I still need Bridget and so do you!

I can’t say that I like being emotional about many things nor can I call myself an expert in anything other than top procrastination spots around uni. But when it comes to Bridget Jones I don’t really care who thinks my obsession is borderline unhealthy. She is my spirit animal through and through. I will not have her name defamed in my presence; growing up she was everything I aspired to be (despite that probably not being the aim of her portrayal). Looking at a twenty-something year old woman with a cosy London apartment and a job in journalism was everything I wanted.

There was something about watching Bridget on screen and reading Helen Fielding’s’ novels (more times than I would care to admit) that felt sort of secret and mature. It was like I was getting a glimpse into a sort of glamorous adult life that I so desperately wanted. When Fielding’s latest novel came out, Bridget Jones mad about the boy was released I read it four consecutive times, getting something different from it every time, so pleased to get more Bridget. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Bridget Jones Baby was coming out. I’m not going to lie the excitement was a little bit too much for me!

As I couldn’t quite manage to keep my excitement to myself I started to talk to friends about the new movie and that’s when I first noticed people asking: Is Bridget really still relevant in 2016? Up until this point I had never questioned Bridget’s infinite pearls of wisdom that she had bestowed upon my life (too dramatic?) When I really thought about it though it became so clear that Bridget Jones is actually more relevant today than she probably was to me ten years ago. Instead of whimsically flicking through the pages of a novel laughing at Bridget’s romantic disasters and social faux pas, I am committing them myself.

img_4749I moan all the time about how I will never be able to afford a house, or I am so broke I will have to live off bread, or dating and relationships are just too difficult to navigate because no one is honest. But why hadn’t I learnt all this from my fictional heroin? Bridget’s dysfunctional relationship with Daniel Cleaver and constant feeling of inadequacy around Mark Darcy mimics the dating experience of so many of us in 2016. She just didn’t have tinder back then (sadly)! Her constant struggle with her weight also makes her far too relatable. We still live in a society which generally says smaller is healthier and better; the smaller you are the happier and more successful you will be. Fielding showed us that Mark loved Bridget ‘just the way she is’ wobbles and all! She created a character                                                                                                    that everyone either wanted to be or                                                                                                          wanted to have as a best friend.

So, I know I am bias but you only have to go and watch the new film if you need the reassurance that Bridget Jones is still relevant today. It’s as embarrassing, painful and heart-warming as the movies and novels that have gone before it and leaves you with the feeling that no matter how many times you iron your hair, or fall flat on your face (or ass) or say absolutely the wrong thing at the wrong time, it might work out okay in the end.


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