Life Happens!

Oh hey! So after my little internet absence I am very much back. And this time I plan not to disappear for a month again.

So like I said I am sorry for disappearing off the face of the internet but I needed some time to process what was a crazy end to the summer and the start of the academic year and fit a little bit of sleep in while I was at it.

So where are we at?

I feel like so much has happened over the last month it’s ridiculous! I have blog posts written and lined up from weeks ago which I just haven’t had the time to upload. I guess we should start from the very beginning…

I went to Amsterdam at the beginning of September which was so much fun. It definitely remains one of my favourite places in the whole world. I have written a whole blog post about my time there which I will post soon because it is way overdue.

The day after I got back from Amsterdam I started my Masters in Magazine Journalism. Now, I knew it would be tough before I started, don’t get me wrong but I have never known tiredness like this! The one coffee a day rule went out of the window within hours and I am currently toying with the idea that morbid obesity might not be that bad because there literally aren’t the hours in the day to get to a gym. All this being said, I have loved every second of it (well maybe not every second, it’s difficult to love 8am shorthand however dedicated you are). I have met the most amazing people and I finally feel I am on track and doing something I love every day.

I’ve moved into a new flat (if you have read my earlier posts you will be aware of my absolute disdain for packing and moving) with new people. While I was worried that it just wouldn’t be the same as living with Jess, Jem and Serena it’s been so much fun! I feel like as a flat we have had enough drama separately to sustain us for a year and whilst not all of it has been good by any standard it’s nice to come home and either be able to talk it through and have a bit of a cuddle or just completely laugh it off.

So that pretty much takes me up to the present- sat in bed in my usual uniform of leggings and a big sweater, hair on top of my head and third coffee of the day in hand. I think I need to go outside because I’ve got coffee jitters and the sun is shining so I am going to sign off and say see you in the (not so distant) future.


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