What happens in Vegas…goes on the internet!

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I have just got back from a three week long trip to LA! When we were organising the trip we decided that it only made sense that we took a few days out to visit Las Vegas. The plane journey was so quick and cheap it was a bit nonsensical not to. When we were looking at when to go there seem to be quite a large disparity in price between Monday to Thursday and then the weekend. Due to the fact that we are lowly students and as much as we’d like to think of ourselves as ballers we opted to go the Tuesday until Thursday before Labour Day weekend! When we were booking the trip we were lucky as we had my best friend’s uncle on hand- a seasoned traveller to Vegas who could give us some helpful hints and tips.

I think the most helpful tip of all was do your homework. There are a million and one hotels in Vegas and most are more likely than not going to present themselves as having the best deal in the best location. Price is, obviously, extremely important but location might be more! If you’re staying off the strip but wanting the true Vegas experience you will only use the money you saved (and more) on taxis to get to the strip. As you can imagine Vegas comes alive at night but side streets are a little shady and if you are having to walk 30 minutes to go back to your hotel you might not meet the most savoury individuals. Also just think of your feet, you will be in heels all night- the last thing you want to do is walk a mile home to your comfy bed. We (eventually) decided to stay at Harrahs, which is right on the strip, just opposite the Mirage and Caesars Palace. It was the perfect choice for us; affordable, clean with easy access to everything on the strip. I would definitely go back!14072769_1045808348851495_311560678_n

We has already been warned about Vegas in the day; it’s hot, depressing and ugly. Now part of that was true- the temperature reached 40+ degrees every day we were there but otherwise it was a lot of fun! There isn’t loads to do in the way of activities but when you are hungover and tired the pools, malls and 24 hour casinos can sort you right out!

Nights out are another area you are going to want to look into before you get there. It is good to have an idea of a few events that might be on while you are there even if they just end up being your fall back options. It really depends what you want to do but when you get there promoters will be all over the place, it’s literally impossible to miss them. Before we arrived we already knew we wanted to go to 1OAK but online ticket prices were upward of $20 so we held off. After meeting one promoter (Justin, who deserves a knighthood in promoting) he not only got us free entry and drinks tokens for 10A but free entry to The Chainsmokers at Omnia that night! If clubs aren’t really your thing (I would question why you are in Vegas) there are bar crawls and casinos running all night! Now I know what you are thinking, girls get freebies and boys have to pay! There is some truth in that, Vegas probably is cheaper if you are a girl but free entry was open to everybody and drinks tokens were available!14134864_1140428125992426_2073590253_n

After attending university in Sheffield I think I can count on one hand the number of times I put a cute dress and heels on to go out, never mind wearing fake eyelashes! It was nice to dress up properly and go out! After drinking vodka and strawberry Fanta for pres (it’s as gross as it sounds) we set out! I do think we were either a) completely lucky) or b) the jammiest gits in all of Vegas as we manages to get queue jump, entry to the VIP area and booths on both nights. The clubs are quite expensive but the views from the roof top bars are awesome, people are so friendly and the music was insane! Table service completely lived up to expectation but the drinks knocked us clean out! After a wander down the stip back to our hotel (partially without our heels on because who needs to be classy when you are in Vegas?) we were ready to hang our heels up bathe our feet and fall asleep.

Vegas lived up to its reputation, 100%! It really is the city of sin. You might love it, you might hate it but if you get the chance you have to experience it.



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