Goodbye Undergraduate Degree!

So like so many students across the country, I am leaving uni this week. It’s a little different for me as come September I will be back here doing a masters. I thought this would mean that I wouldn’t be an emotional wreck, I was wrong. Although I will be back in Sheffield very few people from the last three years will be. I thought I would be exempt from the graduation blues but it has become oh so real!tumblr_inline_ndjoa1MRIw1se132p.gif

To start with my flat mates- 2 of the 3 girls I am living with are moving away. I was so lucky to have been put with three of the best people in Sheffield in first year so after living with them for three years the thought of having a crappy day at uni and not having them there to vent to is a little odd. Like, who will I tell if I have seen my library boyfriend or if I have eaten an obscene amount in a day? There aren’t any boundaries anymore, how am I supposed to adjust again! They’ve essentially ruined me as a functioning human being to live with anyone else.      13402474_1005290749578984_2128878182_n

I’m not doing a Masters in the department that I undertook my undergraduate degree in which means starting from scratch again. While I am so ridiculously excited to be studying a course which will hopefully lead to my dream job it means not seeing any familiar faces and my course mates from the last three years aren’t going to be around anymore. Obviously I am excited about meeting new people and moving on but I think I’ll even miss the building let alone all the amazing people I have met over the three years.13147700_1044321718995850_7851365600590634500_o

Lastly, I won’t be an undergraduate anymore…this doesn’t sit well. I remember I mourned the loss of first year status for pretty much half of second year because I had no excuse for getting lost on campus or falling asleep after a night out with chips in my bed anymore. But this is next level! I remember when I first came to university Postgraduate students were fully grown adults that were ready to walk into jobs. They were too old to go out anymore and instead had dinner parties or cheese and wine nights. I’m not ready to give up going out…if anything I need it more than ever. And the thought of going out with my brother’s year when I will be twenty two scares the hell out of me. I’ll be old…tumblr_inline_o7aohfpkHm1rujkbp_500.gif


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