Where the animals are…

May- the month where all students seem to go from semi- functioning human beings to stress riddled, comfort eating balls of despair (I don’t want to generalise but I can only speak from personal experience). With final deadlines and exams looming it’s just not fun. The weather is getting nicer and all you want to do is be sat outside in a park drinking cold cider and getting the best tan possible. But no, many of us are bound to our laptops or revision guides, in our bedrooms or even better, the library. Nothing is more depressing at this time of year than being sat at a computer in the library in full view of people outside enjoying the sun. And heaven forbid you realise that you are paying £9000 to do this to yourself.giphy-facebook_s

It’s at this time of year, where I find myself procrastinating the day away outside coffee shops, that all night library sessions become a very real struggle. At first they seem like a good idea, fun even if you have someone who is willing to join you in the madness. My university recently put on an event called 24 hour inspire, 24 hours of 30 minute lectures on a range of topics in different fields in aid of charity. I decided to attend a couple of these lectures which resulted in me leaving uni at about 1am (don’t worry, judge me all you want). It was at this point, in my overtired state that I decided that the library was a good idea. I also had company and in a minute of twisted thinking we decided it would be like a sleepover. I have deadlines coming up, I could get loads of reading done while it is quiet…or so I thought.download

Entering the library at that time is what I imagine walking through the jungle feels like. You see all manner of life forms, some behaving slightly more normally than others and all looking a little wild. Despite this, I was naively optimistic, I had the whole night to tick off everything on my completely unrealistic to do list…

Three hours, two coffees and numerous peer reviewed journals later that optimism had subsided leaving me wondering why I thought this was a good idea in the first place. I also realised that while I had spent the last few hours judging the group of boys next to me, wearing dirty joggers and playing on world of warcraft really loudly, I might actually be one of them. I am in the library at 5am just like they are…tumblr_n2j3120Pgy1sgl0ajo1_500

This uncomfortable realisation could only be remedied by more coffee (coffee is general my cure for everything) and a pep talk by my equally delirious girlfriend. It is at times like this when you weigh up how bad it would really be to cry in such a public space. The university is big enough- no one would ever know. At this point you should leave, leave quickly and go straight to bed. Rather than taking this fabulous advice we decided a change of scenery was in order and went back to the building where the event was still going on. Setting ourselves down with a croissant and (more) coffee we decided to kill an hour in the very comfortable common room. Needless to say we woke up an hour later…tumblr_mdf5pyLhb71rzsdel

I would like to say that falling asleep in uni has taught me that all night library sessions are to be avoided from here on out I know that, sadly this won’t be my last. The end of term makes everyone crazy, all I can suggest for getting you through is the thought of the long summer ahead and a never ending supply of cappuccinos. Just try to avoid developing serious caffeine addiction or falling asleep in public places.


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