Modern Romance

modern-romance-coverHilarious, insightful and intelligent, Ansari explores the pleasures and perils of modern day romance.
You’ve been waiting for a text back for hours. Every time your phone buzzes you pick it up and every time you see its not them you hate yourself a little bit more for being so excited. Finally after four hours and twenty six minutes (you are far too aware how long it’s been) they reply. You then decide that the most logical thing to do is to make them wait five hours for a response because, you know, you don’t want to come across to keen. And this is someone that you fancy…logical. We’ve all been there and at the time it does oddly make sense but it does make you question what was it like in a simpler time where romantic politics weren’t dictated by which emoji to use and tinder wasn’t a battle ground of disturbing sexual advances and cheesy chat up lines. That’s where Ansari and Klinenberg step in. In this intuitive exploration into the state of modern romance questions about how the internet has changed our dating and marriage patterns, how we interact with one another now you can go from swiping left on a strangers picture to getting a date in under an hour and whether we are really happier now that we seem to have more choice.

Travelling across the globe, opening internet chat rooms and chatting to people of all ages ‘Modern Romance’ shocked me. Going into it I must admit I thought it would be more autobiographical on the part of Ansari but it turned out to be like a short, hilarious research journal. Coupling hard facts with on point observations it was such a quick an easy read but I enjoyed every minute of it! The statistics and studies are broken up into manageable chunks with Ansari slipping in his own dating faux pas and observations of the painful reality that we all do mortifying things in the pursuit of romance.


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