(So I should probably preface this with, in my eyes Ellen Page could do no wrong.)
Gaycation is the four part series created for VICELAND by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel exploring LGBTQ culture around the world. Insightful, emotional and at times deeply angering, the pair travelled to Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada and the US looking at the lived experiences of the LGBTQ communities and discovering what it means to be gay around the world.

Bringing together my two favourite things- travel shows and Ellen Page, I had high hopes for Gaycation and it really delivered. Not only did they meet some amazing people and documented their moving stories of struggle and triumph, Gaycation is filmed and hosted in such a way that it highlights that there is still so much to be done in the movement towards true equality right across the world. Page and Daniel are also completely fearless when faced with bigotry. If you need an example you should watch Page take on Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. Not appearing to come across rude at all, Page questioned Cruz about his stance on LGBTQ rights in light of religious freedom and when he appeared to not have an answer Cruz retreated, pork chop in hand, claiming he and Page agreed. It was so clear they did not! Filmed against some of the world’s most beautiful backdrops Page and Daniel bring to light some of the most poignant issues for the LGBTQ community, showing how in some ways they aren’t that different from country to country.

Using the excuse that this would be research for my dissertation (procrastination 1- me 0) this is a must watch series on VICELAND and I couldn’t recommend it more (even if I am bias)!


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